Chartering a luxury yacht is an exciting way to plan a new kind of adventure with friends or family. Want to make the most of a boat charter? Read on to find a few planning tips that could help.

Choose the Right Vessel

Unless they plan on bringing along a lot of friends, there’s no reason for clients to immediately rent the largest yacht they can find. Instead, they should do a little research, find out what’s available, and choose the vessel that will best meet their individual needs. Charter yachts range substantially in both size and purpose.

Be Realistic About Experience

Don’t have any experience with piloting large craft? It’s always best to find a charter company that provides a small crew instead of attempting to learn on the spot. It will be more fun and prevent any unnecessary complications.

Consider Activities

Some larger yachts come with jetski rentals or other fun water toys. Others feature large living areas with plenty of seating and elegant touches. Those who want to plan fun adventures that involve lots of water sports should charter larger craft that can accommodate them.

Check the Weather

Make sure to check the weather prior to heading aboard. If it will be cool or windy, bring appropriate clothes. Keep in mind that out at sea, nights tend to get cold even when days are warm and bring a jacket even in the summer.

Pack Light

Larger craft may have more storage space, but smaller yachts won’t have a ton of room to stow extra belongings. Don’t forget to pack weather-appropriate clothing, deck shoes, a wind jacket, hat, and some sunscreen, but don’t go overboard, either. In most cases, basics like first aid kits and information about local ports will already be available on-board.

Allow Plenty of Time

It’s always best to arrive early to allow plenty of time for checking in. If the trip will involve people coming from multiple places, consider setting up a time to meet up prior to the departure. That way, there will be less chance that anyone will be late, causing unnecessary delays.

The Bottom Line

Chartering a yacht should be fun, not stressful. Learn what to expect in advance and make sure to come prepared.